Abolishing electoral college

United States presidential election, 1860

On the death of Germanicus PisD had been superseded in his province, but he attempted to re-establish control of Syria by force. Trump won the Electoral College as a result of a merepopular votes spread over three key states, or about 0.

Interesting polling call last night. Someone testing anti-Shantel research through a poll.

On his return to Rome, Germanicus was offered a second consulship with Tiberius as his colleague- and a diplomatic mission to the east to install a pro-Roman on the throne of Armenia.

The sources paint a glowing but not altogether accurate picture of Germanicus and his wife, Agrippina.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Calls for Abolishing Electoral College: ‘Shadow of Slavery’s Power’

In a close race, voting for a candidate from a minor party could reinforce the same spoiler dynamic as exists within the current system. Senators apparently preferred not to take chances by speaking their minds. Moreover, I think even if it were to gain momentum and gather enough states to reach the vote threshold, a whole host of political and potential constitutional issues would threaten its implementation.

Why We Should Never (Ever) Abolish The Electoral College

This was associated with the bitter resentment that developed during his marriage to Julia and as a result of the hostility of Agrippina, the death of Drusus and the treachery of Sejanus. I went to Maine four times. Tacitus A second motive was possibly the desire to emulate and complete the work of his father, Drusus, by conquering and extending the border to the Elbe River, even though this was against the policy dictated by Augustus and followed closely by Tiberius.

For instance, imagine California switching to a proportional allocation while Texas sticks with winner-take-all. He builds up a picture of continuous prosecutions, culminating in the so-called Reign of Terror after 33 during which many innocent men perished.

Piso was aquitted on the charge of poisoning Germanicus, but in anticipation of his condemnation for misconduct in his province, he committed suicide. Every so often, people will choose to vote for change, to make better the things the last president was unable to fix, and vote against their traditional choice of party, allowing those who have felt disenfranchised to have their turn.

His firm sense of duty to the state and to his adoptive father forced him to behave as though nothing had happened and to carry on in his official capacity.

The election was the first of six consecutive victories for the Republican Party. Bythe Republican Party had replaced the defunct Whig Party as the major opposition to the Democrats.

Despite the attention the Electoral College regularly receives during the presidential election season, little is known about the electors who ultimately choose the leader of the free world.

For Democrats, that would mean mining the urban centers they already depend on, but expanding those efforts even more to solidly Democratic states like California and New York.

Most of these electors are Democrats, yet they say they are not looking to hand the election to Clinton and are instead more concerned with choosing a unity candidate to bring the country together. According to Tacitus this was a turning point in the reign of Tiberius, as he became more morose and came to depend on Sejanus to an even greater extent.

Immediately after the election, a Change. Among its chief men, there was freedom of discussion; their lapses into servility were arrested by the emperor himself. Instant runoff voting on a national scale has the potential to solve many of the current dilemmas introduced by the Electoral College as well as the problems introduced by some of the other alternatives.

The frontiers of the empire were taken as far as natural boundaries. She accepted bribes, Alinsky-style. Tacitus He therefore encouraged the emperor to leave the capital.

Drusus Caesar was imprisoned in Rome. Let us have the courage to continue to move towards a better and more democratic America. For many, such an outcome contradicts democratic values.

While some say that calling for the abolition of the Electoral College is just the reaction of ignorant sore losers, the desire to rethink the Electoral College results from an inclination to look forward.

In the meantime, Drusus was to grant them any concession that could be awarded without the necessity of senatorial debate. What are the chances that these faithless electors could swing the outcome of the vote. His early hopes of sharing the work with the senate had been disappointed, and he became increasingly impatient with its lack of independence.

Running the empire was an enormous task; it was not until the time of Claudius that a centralised bureaucracy handled most of the business of empire. According to the National Popular Vote campaign, the largest cities in America make up only about one sixth of the population, the same as the percent of the population in rural areas.

It is generally thought that Augustus was not fond of Tiberius, although some of his correspondence seems to contradict this opinion. Grievances of the troops: Tacitus described this as a sordid trick.

Although Tacitus criticised him for this characteristic, he in fact built up a picture of Tiberius as a successful ruler who survived for a very long time by dissimulation. But nothing could be farther from the truth. Crooked Hillary Calls For Abolishing The Electoral College Rich Welsh September 20, Two-time presidential loser Hillary Clinton called for the abolishment of the Electoral College this week, saying the United States needs to “improve and protect” our elections for future generations.

Nov 28,  · Why we should abolish the Electoral College Shannon Hui. Loading Unsubscribe from Shannon Hui? “The Troubling Reason the Electoral College Exists.” Time, Time, 8.

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Manage Subscription; Newsletters; EZPay; Delivery Issue. All electoral votes of the Electoral College electoral votes needed to win; Turnout: % pp. In a parting swipe at President-elect Donald Trump, retiring Democratic California Sen. Barbara Boxer filed legislation Tuesday to abolish the Electoral College that has propelled the Manhattan.

Abolishing electoral college
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